What does a contestant need to bring?

A resume, one page preferred.
A laptop:
Preferably with an Ethernet connection, WIFI will be available if needed.
Ensure you can log into this machine off your school’s network.
Ensure you can use Remote Desktop (RDP)
Ensure you can change your network configuration (IP address)
Don’t forget your charger!
One 14 to 20 foot Ethernet cable

Please bring the above items to Contest Orientation


Contest format

The contest is in two parts, a written exam and hands on virtual modules. There will be a 15 minute break between the two sections. The contest runs from 8am to ~2pm. Contestants can bring a protein bar and/or a sealed water bottle to have during breaks.

Are there the prizes for ITS?

Yes! All prizes are personally donated by the Technical Chair and Judges.
We currently offer prizes for Secondary 1st-3rd and Post Secondary 1st-2nd.

Can I use reference material?

If you have a paper reference manual, you may use that during a module. No classroom textbooks are allowed. You may not use any reference during the written portions of the contest. Absolutely no electronic resources are allowed for any portion of the exam.


What’s the best way to prepare for the contest?

  • Read over the Information Technology Service (ITS) contest technical standards and be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of those standards
  • Read over the CompTIA A+ 220-901 220-902 technical standards and be prepared to demonstrate knowledge based on the scenarios
  • Have a good understanding of the inner-workings of the  Windows 10 Operating systems.
  • Practice using command-line commands and understand how to learn about commands inside the prompt. Memorize at least 10 new commands a week. Learn the basics of Powershell and Linux.
  • Get a good night’s rest, eat breakfast, and try your best. Do not be deterred if you preform poorly on one module. Most modules allow for partial credit.

Can I Bring my own Software?

We don’t encourage use of any software. Every module is designed so that it can be solved without the use of 3rd-party software. As such, we do not allow the use of external software.